Shrill voice as a warning sign The louder the Ehekrach, the more threatening separation

Loudly discharged disputes may indicate in a partnership for an early separation or divorce. This resulted in a long-term study of the Technical University of Braunschweig. Lying around socks, a full trash bin, permanent Getippe on the phone or tablet: The reasons are often banal, when get to spouse in the wool. One word leads to another, already the couple arguing loudly on. Escalate dispute frequently, the relationship is at stake. The study found Braunschweiger: Very emotional discharged conflicts, raising his voice might indicate a partnership for an early separation or divorce. That at least for women.

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In men, the stress hormone level rises

In men, however, an increased level of the stress hormone cortisol during the marriage proceedings is a possible indication of an upcoming failure of the relationship, according to the researchers. Kurt Hahlweg, Professor of Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Diagnostics at the Technical University Braunschweig studied how parameters such as voice frequency, blood pressure or cortisol levels can predict separations.

The data had been raised in the 1990s with couples who participated in a partnership tutorial. In addition, the couple had to fill out questionnaires about their conflict and communication behavior. Also video recordings of disputable situations were made.
Cortisol secretion in conflict situations

Eleven years later, from the 68 pairs about a third had left (32.5 percent), divorce. As the only significant predictor of separation or divorce was seen in the study in women the voice frequency and in men increased cortisol secretion in conflict situations. “Parameters such as basic voice frequency and cortisol secretion are important indices emotional arousal,” explains Hahlweg.

Elevated levels of these parameters suggest that conflicts are carried out emotionally, said the expert. “The results confirm the importance for the stability of a relationship that conflicts are not frequently discharged emotionally.”

Fast Eierspeise With these tricks you manage the perfect scrambled egg

Whether scrambled classic, with ham or bacon, salmon or cheese – Recipes for popular egg dish abound. But often want the scrambled eggs not really succeed: For indeed beat, stir and season eggs into the pan is fixed, a real scrambled eggs is not. We tell you how it goes.

Basic recipe: These ingredients you need for two people

Four fresh eggs, 100 milliliters of milk or cream, salt and pepper, two teaspoons of butter for frying.
To prepare the scrambled eggs to:

1. Beat the eggs in a mixing bowl, enter the milk or cream to and blend everything with a fork or whisk. How good yolk and white are mixed, your taste is left.

2. Salt and pepper and stir again.

3. Let be a non-stick pan over medium heat hot. Not too hot, otherwise the scrambled egg is dry.

4. Melt the butter in the pan and add the egg mixture to.

5. Let thicken slightly the mass. Then slide a spatula carefully over the bottom of the pan, so that the egg does not measure. Pushing ensures an airy scrambled eggs. Vigorous stirring contrast leads to small, compact and solid pieces. The scrambled eggs will be ready when it completely hammered, but is still somewhat moist and creamy.
Refine with other ingredients

If you like, the egg mixture seasons additionally with a pinch of freshly grated nutmeg. Chopped herbs like chives or parsley fit prima thereto.

You can the classic scrambled eggs with other ingredients to taste spice: Zwiebelwürfelchen, small pieces of vegetables, ham or cheese. It is important that the ingredients are fried until they are soft and only then comes to the egg mixture.

Scrambled eggs with toast for breakfast is a delicious affair. With a crunchy salad or as a side dish Salmon is from a fine low-carb eating.
Preparation in oven, microwave or Thermomix

Scrambled eggs tastes best fresh from the pan. If a greater portion are prepared, that goes in the oven. Please fill the egg mixture into a greased baking dish and let thicken for about 10 minutes at 150 degrees it. Stir gently and let again falter five minutes.

If it is to go quickly and easily, it also works with the microwave: These Whisk the egg mixture into a microwaveable container. put into the unit and heat for about two minutes at 600 watts.

Even the Thermomix makes stirring almost alone. For melt at 100 degrees at level 2 10 grams of butter one minute. add 3 to 4 eggs with some salt and milk and stir a few seconds on stage. 4 Then at 100 degrees and cook 10 minutes to level 1.

Scrambled radicals can be kept refrigerated and be reheated later.
egg with bacon

Make the egg mixture to the basic recipe. Now enter diced ham and the egg mixture into the pan and let it falter as described above everything. You might want to previously sauté also Zwiebelwürfelchen.
scrambled eggs with bacon

the egg mixture prepare Depending on the number after the basic recipe. You will also need small diced bacon. Fry the bacon in a little butter in crispy, then enter the beaten eggs to and let thicken the mixture.

Morning or evening shower It does matter

Does it really matter if you climb the morning or evening in the shower? The answer is clear: yes. For circulation, muscles and skin react differently depending on the time of day quite differently to the shower. Which shower type are you? If you like hot and long showers, benefits from the shower in the evening. Because the hot water relaxes muscles and reduces blood pressure somewhat, since wide vessels. As a result you will get tired more quickly and can sleep better. This is especially after a stressful day of advantage.

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Candlelight in the bathroom promotes sleep

Who also insulates the bathroom light or even a shower by candlelight, the body also supports on the distribution of the sleep hormone melatonin. In addition, the evening shower beneficial for those that are difficult to get up in the morning and always wait until the last minute. Because who does not need a shower in the morning, can remain longer.

Allergy benefit from the evening shower

People with allergies should better wash at night, advises the German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB). So potential allergens such as pet dander, pollen and dust from the skin and hair are rinsed and do not end up in bed. A nasal douche before bedtime may also reduce sneezing and runny nose. Moreover, the allergy experts advise, take the street clothes outside the bedroom, so not distribute adhering allergens in the air.
Dry skin? Dinner lukewarm shower

Dry skin also benefits from the evening shower. Overnight, the mantle of the skin can easily regenerate: It rubs tight clothing on the body and also the personal care has enough time to move in. Before going to bed is also the ideal time to shave legs armpits, genital area or beard. Until the next morning, the skin has calmed down and redness have resolved.
Sauber also without shower gel

For very sensitive and dry skin to set the water temperature tepid at best in order not to pull the skin in addition. On gel sometimes you can even completely refrain: “. Who is sweaty, but not dirty, optionally also comes from without cleaning aids The desired refreshment brings showering anyway with itself and the water has a Abspüleffekt” says Dr. Ernst Tabori, director the German advice Centre Hygiene (BZH). “Whether it is sufficient for oneself, everyone must decide for themselves. Sickness does not make the waiver of a shower gel, anyway.” Those who prefer communicating with foam under the shower, should pay attention, according to the hygiene experts to resort to mild products. “The less aggressive or irritating agents come to the skin, the less they will be affected in their natural function,” says Tabori.
Who sweats at night, preferably in the morning showers

Who often sweats at night, is better off with the morning shower. It washes off the sweat, thus preventing the formation of odors before. Even with greasy hair is the shower in the morning of advantage. Nocturnal tallow and grease deposits are purged from the scalp and hair and the hair does not look flat or stringy.
Refreshes start the day

Even those who want to bring his circulation going and gather energy for the day, preferably in the morning showers. Then, however, recommend slightly cooler water temperatures. They stimulate blood circulation and refresh the body and mind. And sometimes arise under the morning shower, even the best ideas for the workday.
Showers: Less is more

What time of day is most benefits from a shower, is also a type of question. But whether morning or evening: For the most part the daily showers for wellness program. Some showers even twice a day. But that should be done only in exceptional cases, not to very dry skin. Is the natural acid mantle attacked, germs have easier time. Dermatologists advise even to protect the skin to shower only once every two to three days.

9 of 31 affected products found harmful substances from oil in lip care

They should maintain the lips and skin, but sometimes they contain harmful substances: In lip care sticks and other cosmetic products substances have been found in oil again. With a total of 9 of 31 products studied aromatic hydrocarbons from petroleum (MOAH) were detected, said the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Consumer Protection. Affected are reportedly especially lip care products. Product name not called the Ministry, however. The new analyzes are consistent with results of a study by Stiftung Warentest from last May. At that time a laboratory was the highest MOAH values ​​in the “Isana Vaseline” of Rossmann. Lip Balms from famous brands such as Nivea, Labello, Blistex and Bebe were also charged.

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The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) that manufacturers then recommended the MOAH content to minimize what is technically possible. “The return of this recommendation will be implemented in practice, is still pending”, said the BfR with.

MOAH may contain carcinogenic compounds

NRW Consumer Protection Minister Johannes Remmel (Green) called the results disturbing. “Such substances simply do not belong in care products,” he said Bayerischer Rundfunk who had first informed with the WDR about the new investigation. BfR does not rule out that carcinogenic compounds are contained in MOAH. A MOAH limit for cosmetics does not exist.
Manufacturers Association sees no health risk

The manufacturers’ association IKW sees no reason for changes. “Mineral oils in cosmetic products are safe. All mineral oils used in cosmetics have pharmaceutical quality,” he said. There is no health risk. “Therefore there is no reason for a reformulation of products.” BfR had however reported in May that in lipsticks a final risk assessment is made difficult by the lack of data.

The Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Office in Münster had carried out the new study commissioned by the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Consumer Protection. were tested, among other 25 lip cosmetics, with 5 of them the MOAH value was above the detection limit.

Who has come ever to benefit from sensational tender pulled pork, do not want to miss this. Fortunately, the slow-cooked pork is offered more often. But even at home you can prepare Pulled Pork. In Grill or Smoker take the preparation at least 14 hours in the oven it goes faster. In the end, the tender flesh can easily pluck apart with a fork.

We present here a recipe for a Pulled Pork burgers with coleslaw – Cole Slaw – from “grilling – the book” from the Edeka Publisher ago. The recipe is enough for six people. Please consider in your planning, that the meat must marinate overnight and prepared in the smoker or grill requires up to 14 hours.
Ingredients for six Pulled Pork Sandwiches

For the burgers you need

Pork shoulder or -nacken (2.5 to 3 kg),
6 large burger bun,
Wood chips, for example, Hickory,
Apple Cider Vinegar,
BBQ sauce
and a BBQ Smoker or a ball-barbecue.

Ingredients for the marinade (Rub)

For the marinade or the so-called Rub You also need:

2 tablespoons salt
2 tablespoons paprika,
2 tablespoons onion granules,
2 tablespoons fresh, chopped rosemary,
2 teaspoons chili powder,
150 milliliters BBQ sauce,
100 milliliters Malt Beer.

Then it comes to the preparation:

Blending all the ingredients for the marinade together and let them stand briefly. Wash the meat and pat it dry. Now rub the pork shoulder with the rub and marinate overnight. It is best to wrap it in plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator.

The next day the shoulder in the BBQ grill Smoker or ball 12 is closed cooked to 14 hours at approximately 100 to 120 degrees. Ask at the grill a drip tray. The hickory chips soaked in water and give now and then to glow. Apply through the meat during grilling and again. The Pulled Pork is done when the internal temperature is 95 degrees. The core temperature can be checked with a meat thermometer.

Shortly before the end of cooking the coleslaw is cooked. For 300 grams of fresh, finely chopped cabbage and a half, cut into thin strips onion with salt, pepper, 30 grams of sugar and 3 – 4 tablespoons seasoned vinegar. All knead well and set aside for ten minutes. Subsequently, 3 tablespoons olive oil, 2 – 3 tablespoons creme fraiche and parsley and mix again.
To succeed in the Pulled Pork Burger

When the meat is done, remove it from the grill and let it rest for about 20 minutes. Then apart pluck, try and mix nice and juicy with apple cider vinegar and BBQ sauce. Now even crispy Angrillen the burger buns and build with the cole slaw and the Pulled Pork juicy burgers. Have fun eating of this delicious Burgers!  The cooking time for the meat can not be accurately forecast, plan definitely enough time. With the grill you have quoted is usually 12 to 15 hours.

Pulled Pork can be in the oven, kettle grill, gas grill or cook in the smoker. Place in the oven bottom heat the meat needs at 110 degrees upper eight hours. If the core temperature in meat is 85 degrees, it’s done. Then the Pulled Pork should but rest for an hour. Each opening of the lid allows the temperature in the grill to fall and extend the cooking time of about 15 minutes. The cooking loss is around 30 to 40 percent: from a four-kilo pieces remain after cooking so less than three liters of blood left. The final meat can freeze well, so it is worth a greater amount to make.

Cat Diseases Cats also can get AIDS

Can get that cat flu, diabetes and cancer, is known to most pet owners. What many do not know is also against AIDS cats are not spared. However, the infection is different than in humans. Unlike the human immunodeficiency virus HIV feline (FIV) is transmitted via saliva – for example, a bite injury. Particularly at risk are not castrated, freewheeling hangover, as these can easily infect in turf wars. Transmission by means of common food and water, toilets and beds, as well as mutual licking can be excluded according to current knowledge. In humans, the virus is also not transferable. Whether the cat is suffering from AIDS, can be determined by means of blood tests in the veterinary practice.

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Against Cat AIDS there is no vaccine

The disease weakens the immune system and makes the cat increasingly susceptible to infection. However, this process usually takes many years before it eventually leads in the final stages to death. Vaccination against the incurable infection, there is not even in cats. The only ways to prevent is, to neuter the cat.

Cat flu, feline distemper and rabies

But there are still many other unpleasant diseases, which are not Stubentiger immune. Against some help checkups and vaccinations. These include cat flu, feline distemper and rabies. The Standing Committee on Vaccination Veterinary Medicine recommends that cats be vaccinated every two or maximum of three years against these diseases, which can be fatal. “The Wild Rabies Although no longer occurs in Germany,” said the commission chairman, Prof. Uwe Truyen. “It comes in rare cases to introductions by illegally smuggled from abroad, infected animals.” Also important, not only outdoor cats should be vaccinated against feline panleukopenia. “The virus is very stable and can be towed on the shoe sole in the apartment,” says Truyen. In cat flu, however, the risk of infection to exchange cats is lower.

Kidney disease: When the first symptoms it is usually too late

Kidney disease – which falls Astrid Behr from Bundesverband practitioner Veterinarians first when they think of serious cat diseases. “If you notice it, it is usually too late.” They therefore recommends regular blood tests to test the kidney values. If the disease is detected early, it can still change the feed or help the animal with medication. Something like a dialysis – would perhaps get people – there is not for cats.

Thyroid problems often come at the age

Eats the animal much and is still always lean while still frantically, an overactive thyroid gland may be the cause. Also by this disease mainly affects elderly cats as Behr says. “With drugs to the animal but help.”

Even cancers are a problem the vet believes more in older animals. For non-neutered cats in addition there is a real risk, uterine and ovarian cancer to get.

Thickness cats are more prone to diabetes

About half of all cats is too thick, according to vet Behr – where indoor cats are more prone than outdoor cats. And this is not just a question of aesthetics: Being overweight can have diabetes result. To keep the animals lean and also in the apartment, you should keep it up to speed – for example with Futtersuch- or small game hunting.

“Cats are masters at hiding pain”

Basically cat owners have their pet more than about watching a dog, says vet Behr. “Cats are masters at hiding pain.” That also recommends Sarah Ross of the animal welfare organization Four Paws. Because “owners know their cat best.” the animal behaves differently than normal, you should go to the vet. The pet expert also recommends a yearly check-up.

When men need testosterone supplements

Lethargy, decreased libido and growing streaky put men with age. Debt is among other testosterone, whose production decreased steadily from mid-30th The hormone can be replaced with the help of testosterone preparations. But these risks and are not suitable for everyone. “From about the age of 35 increases the testosterone levels in men approximately one percent per year,” says Dr. Wolfgang Bühmann, spokesman for the Professional Association of German Urologists.

Sinking Testosterone belongs to aging to

The decline of testosterone is at its age-related reduction in the testicle or in the brain regions that control the hormonal balance. “We men are biologically ‘constructed’ 40 years – even though we are now in fact twice as old.” That potency, libido and strength after a certain age subside, is therefore a natural process. By no later than mid 50 men get physically and mentally very noticeable. Because testosterone is important for building muscle, bone density and the formation of red blood cells. But also for the metabolism in adipose tissue, sex life and fertility is the hormone of importance.

Love life: “Testosterone makes you want”

However, the decrease of testosterone in the blood makes alone no husband sick. However, when lack of drive and sexual aversion are so strong that it affects everyday life, it makes sense to let check the value of the hormone to the urologist. If this is too low, testosterone therapy may be prescribed.

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This can also improve your love life. Because: “Testosterone makes you want”, so Bühmann. When libido problems it could help. If erection problems, however, the hormone work not. A specialist’s prescription testosterone therapy is available in two variants: The hormone can the body be supplied as a gel on the skin, or injected directly into the gluteal muscle. A booster is then usually after three months.

Expert Warns of pills from the internet

“In the form of pills testosterone should not be taken,” says Bühmann. They seemed hardly, but loaded for the liver. Before testosterone preparations from the Internet, which might even come from abroad, the urologist warns strongly. “Here you never know what really drinsteckt.” In addition, testosterone therapy should always be done under medical supervision.

No therapy without prior cancer screening

There are several reasons: “Firstly, it must be a hidden prostate cancer excluded” says Bühmann. Liege such a tumor before, this could be “fired” by the hormone treatment namely. An appropriate screening is therefore a prerequisite for testosterone therapy. This should be accompanied by a doctor in any case. Because at high levels pose health risks and damage the heart health.

Dangerous: testosterone for younger men

Bühmann warns take testosterone as an anti-aging or lifestyle drug on its own. “Unfortunately ask increasingly younger men between 20 and 30 years after that,” says the urologist. They dreamed of a muscular body and hoped to increase its potency. Actually, however, they harm their health.

“Due to the excessive administration of testosterone, it can happen, namely, that the body’s own testosterone production is reduced to zero,” says Bühmann. This could even lead to infertility at worst.

Many nut nougat creams contain mycotoxins

Nut nougat creams are among the most popular spreads. The Stiftung Warentest has examined currently 21 creams on pollutants, flavor and packaging. Winner is Nutella. In numerous nut nougat creams mold toxins have been found in laboratory tests. In 16 of 21 tested Chocolate spreads called aflatoxins were detectable as “test” is in the April issue of the journal. Aflatoxins are considered carcinogenic. In the creams but the current EU limit value has not been exceeded.

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No mycotoxin in Nutella

In the other five products no mycotoxins have been found, including “Nutella” and in the cheaper alternatives Real / Tip “nut nougat cream,” Kaufland / K-Classic “Nussano” Aldi Nord “Nut Kati” and the organic product ” Bionella “.

Poisons “not always avoidable”

Aflatoxins can occur, moldy if improperly stored or not properly dried hazelnuts. According to Stiftung Warentest, these poisons “not always avoidable”. The elevated aflatoxin levels in the examined nut nougat creams could report says its seasonally. May be “more lower quality goods come into the trade” after the hazelnut harvest in the main producing country Turkey was in 2014 failed badly.
Almost all creams contain palm oil

rated critical, the use of palm oil: This is almost in all tested creams. The cultivation of palm oil harms the environment. Commercially, there are but few nut nougat creams that use instead of palm oil as shea and rapeseed oil.
tested look and taste

The Stiftung Warentest also tested appearance and taste as well as the packaging to place it, information and advertising. In addition to test-winner Nutella still cut five other chocolate hazelnut spreads to the overall rating of “good”. Twelve creams assessed the tester as “satisfactory”, one was classified as “sufficient”.
Dearest spread was devalued

Two chocolate creams received the overall rating of “poor”. The 1.74 euro per 100 grams expensive cream was devalued according to Stiftung Warentest because pollutants from the fat. The other was thus declared on the packaging as “lactose-free and dairy-free”. but it contained “more than just traces of lactose and milk protein.”

These tips will help you to lose weight using proteins

When you think of protein, usually first think of toning. But the substance can do even more. A nutritionist reveals why protein should not be missing when you want to lose a few pounds and what foods are particularly rich in protein. In addition to water is protein, known as protein, the essential building material of the body. It is among other things important for the cell structure, supports the formation of enzymes, hormones and antibodies and is also found in connective tissues, organs and cartilage.

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Protein boosts your metabolism

Who wants to lose a few pounds, can also rely on proteins. They not only stimulate the metabolism, thereby increasing the energy consumption. “Protein has a high saturation value and Appetite Suppression. It helps absorb fewer calories,” explains graduate nutrition scientist Brigitte Neumann. Who pays attention to a sufficient protein intake, thus preventing cravings and automatically accesses rare to calorie sins as pastries, cakes or biscuits? Who accesses at breakfast yogurt and cottage cheese, has a good chance to get by until lunch without hunger. Tip: Quark has the better saturation effect. “Because Quark contains more protein than yogurt and signaled the appetite center in the brain longer saturation,” says Neumann. 100 grams Magerquark contain twelve grams of protein, low-fat yogurt contrast to the five grams.

Limburger cheese: the spicy source of protein for in between

Besides Quark also Limburger cheese is a real find. “Limburger cheese is nothing but concentrated and mature fat quark”, explains the nutritionist. In 100 grams Limburger cheese but mostly stuck no more than one gram of fat, for 30 grams of protein. Especially when lust leads to something Spicy to the fridge, Harz is the perfect intermediate snack. Even eggs provide plenty of protein. Pro Egg which are the seven grams. Instead of white flour bread with sausage, it may for dinner therefore sometimes be quiet a scrambled egg. Those who still are some vegetables added as tomatoes or mushrooms, enhances the saturation effect.
Chicken meat is rich in protein and lean

Chicken is also rich in protein and also very thin. 100 grams of chicken breast without skin contains about 23 grams of protein and only about two grams of fat. Fish is also one of the easy egg donors. So a 100-gram serving of salmon contains about 22 grams of protein – but also almost ten grams of fat.
It also goes without animal: herbal alternatives

The daily protein requirement should not cover only with animal products, however. The German Nutrition Society recommends to cover one-third of daily use with animal protein and two thirds vegetable protein. These include, for example, legumes such as red lentils, beans and peas, as well as tofu. In 100 grams of red lentils, for example, put 27 grams of protein in 100 grams of tofu up to 16 grams. Even whole grains provide valuable protein and saturate long: So a wholemeal roll on average contains six grams of protein at about 130 kilocalories. A 50-gram serving of oatmeal provides seven grams of protein at about 190 kilocalories. Also rich in protein is millet. 100 grams deliver ten grams, but also 360 kilocalories.
So much protein the body needs

For the body is adequately supplied with proteins bodyweight recommends DGE daily per kilogram of 0.8 to one gram of protein to take. For a person who weighs 70 kg, are the 56-70 grams of protein. “Should you overdo it, however, not” warns Neumann. “Protein is a building material and no fuel. If more protein than is taken consumed, the rest migrates into the energy combustion. The resulting, residual substances’ urea and uric acid must be disposed of through the kidneys. This can this burden.” Critical is especially true when the kidneys are sick and no longer fully functional.
Be careful with protein powder


Caution should be exercised especially with protein powder, because this protein contains in a concentrated form. The recommended amount is exceeded as quickly, especially if you also relies on food to plenty of protein. In addition, often the powder contained a lot of additives. Therefore Neumann advises to better focus on the natural sources of protein if you want to lose a few kilos.
Dieting: protein alone is not enough

With protein alone, the desired weight can not be achieved, however. A balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and fruit and whole grain products supports Dieting also and prevents food cravings before. In addition, the body is supplied with important nutrients. The best slimming results show up when you combine a diet with sports. Always in view one should also have the daily calorie requirement. Whoever receives more energy than it consumes, is increasing. Caution is advised when calorie restriction commanded weightloss experts advise, the daily total energy demand to slow to no more than 500 kilocalories, otherwise there is the yo-yo effect.

Why bladder cancer remains undetected

Bladder cancer is one of the most insidious types of cancer. Every year a malignant tumor in the bladder is discovered at around 29,000 people. Recently ill the actress Heidelinde Weis (75, “Lausbubengeschichten”, “Dream Boat”, “Black Forest Clinic”) to the low incidence of cancer. What is the danger of this cancer? A carcinoma of the bladder is an insidious tumor. It can grow for years without adjust grievances and those concerned not notice anything. Why tumors in the bladder and the urinary tract arise, is still unclear. Men are more than twice as often as in women. Scientific studies have failed to show some factors that increase the risk of bladder cancer. The urologist Professor Dr. Stephan Peter explains what are the risks and how to detect bladder cancer.

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“Smoking is a very important risk factor for bladder cancer,” said Prof. Dr. Stephan Peter, Urologist in Darmstadt. Excessive Kaffegenuss intensify that addition. Even passive smoking increases the risk, because the carcinogens of cigarette smoke are filtered by the kidneys from the blood and reach the urine into the bladder, where they damage the mucosa. Experts estimate that about 30 to 70 percent of bladder cancer disease are attributable to smoking.

Another risk factor are certain chemicals – aromatic amines. In industries such as chemical, steel and leather industries, dental technology and in hairdressing bladder cancer is a recognized occupational disease. “That’s why bladder cancer is also a disease of developed countries,” explains the urologist. Today, there are improved security arrangements for dealing with aromatic amines in the workplace. But also in the private life, many people come with the cancer-causing substances in contact. So are chemical hair dyes suspected to increase the risk of bladder cancer. A study of “Öko-Test” showed that many long-term lasting oxidation hair colors in brown and red tones, the carcinogenic aromatic amines. The funds were therefore withdrawn from the market.

Men are affected twice as often to bladder cancer than women. That stems from the fact that men have just smoked more, explains Peter. “But women are catching on there already.” Another reason for the frequent disease of men but was also the enlarged prostate. “Bladder cancer is a cancer of the age. The longer remain the cancer-causing substances in the bladder, the more damage they can do.” In the enlarged prostate in older men also stay longer residual urine, which is also after urination. “Women empty their bladder in old age better”, explains the expert.


The dilemma that causes bladder cancer in the early stages hardly complaints. Most commonly affected are alerted by blood in the urine, which is excreted painless. “This is in 100 percent of cases the first symptom,” says Peter and advises all parties concerned seek immediate medical attention. If the bladder cancer not detected in time, this can affect the muscles and lymph tissue, warns Professor Dr. Peter. If this is the case, can not help a bubble removal and the cancer is fatal.


Whether a suspected bladder cancer is justified, a doctor can determine by analyzing the urine sample and ultrasound, cystoscopy and an X-ray contrast imaging of the kidneys and urinary tract. Approximately 70 percent of bladder tumors are detected at a stage in which they superficially grow and can be surgically removed. Even with chemotherapy in bladder cancer can be easily cured. Is the stage already advanced, the bladder has to be removed. “Then, the patients get a bladder replacement and there is a so-called urostomy down,” explains the professor. The urostomy is an artificial Harnausleitung through the abdominal wall through which the urine is excreted.

Bruised by the tragic attacks in Belgium Renaud paid tribute to the victims

An unbreakable bond unites Renaud to his “little Belgian brothers.” Shocked by the terrible attacks that killed thirty dead last Tuesday in Zaventem airport and the metro Maelbeek, the singer did not hesitate to go there to denounce these acts of fanaticism and express solidarity with the country. Unlike artists like Mariah Carey or Dany Boon, Renaud is not the type to bow to the terrorist threat. Last Saturday, dressed in his eternal leather jacket, the singer is mounted on the stage of Cirque Royal in Brussels and attended a concert by the Corsican group I Muvrini. Alongside his musician friends, who plays Lets Concrete took the opportunity to express his support to the victims and declare his deep love to Belgium. “I am Brussels,” said he brandished a placard at the end of the show to the cheers of the audience.

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Very touched by the events, the singer, yet very discreet in the media, has also not failed to speak out his convictions and his willingness to peacefully fight terrorists. He spoke to Europe 1 antenna on Sunday March 27th. “This is not the first time, it will unfortunately not be the last. But we are here to resist, to fight, to fight with words and music against these violent people who love nothing, neither women nor music nor dance, who love death “explained the singer still overwhelmed with emotion. He added: “My presence here is essential. I want to be there, I want to tell them my solidarity, my fraternity, my compassion, my empathy, my pain, my sorrow over this tragedy.”

True to his words, Renaud went discreetly on the place of the Brussels Stock Exchange to go to pray with his family and put a white rose. “My little Belgian brothers, this is my family, my children. They saw me grow. Since 1975, I was more people in Brussels and Marseille or Lyon and it is an extraordinary public that I love. They made me love Belgium and the Belgians are kids, loves. “It explained the artist in Europe 1 antenna. Still standing, as announced in its title released in February, Renaud release a new album on April 8 before going on tour throughout France. Dubbed the Phoenix Tower, his concert series will begin on October 1 in Evry and will end February 18, 2017 in Clermont-Ferrand. She will step on 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 October next at the Zenith in Paris.

US website Entertainment Weekly has posted unpublished photos taken on the set of the next film by Luc Besson, adapted from the comic strip created by Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mezieres in the late 60s.

Sublime! This is what can be said of the new photos taken on the set of Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets and revealed this weekend by the US website Entertainment Weekly. No doubt, the feature film signed by director Luc Besson looks colorful. With its budget of € 197 million, this adaptation of the comic by writer Pierre Christin and artist Jean-Claude Mezieres remains the most expensive French film of all time. An ambitious project for Luc Besson returns to science fiction, nineteen years after the Fifth Element. In this intergalactic epic, Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne) are two agents with the ability to travel through time. Their mission is to protect the capital of an empire of the XXVIII century. Alongside them, there are also the casting actors John Goodman, Ethan Hawke, Clive Owen, Herbie Hancock but singer Rihanna.

“The big difference between my film and Marvel formula is that Marvel we know after five minutes is the villain. Their films are very well made, but this formula bothers me a bit. What is new here is that two agents, and in a single film, there is a police investigation. So we do not know who is really bad before the end. This is a true story, “says director Lucy. Luc Besson adds, “If you do not like science fiction, I still want you to love the film. At the same time, I told myself, try to do everything, before being told that this is impossible. Let us have the imagination to go after.” “Let’s try to do something complicated, with aliens and robots and stuff. It’s not deep and complicated. This is ultra-sophisticated to do, but it looks easy. As a cocktail party where you do not even feel the alcohol, “he concludes. The film is expected in cinemas in 2017.

New horizons Nitrogen Rivers discovered on the floor of Pluto

With the New Horizons probe, scientists are able to announce that the planet Pluto contained rivers and even lakes nitrogen. Pluto continues to unveil its secrets through the New Horizons probe. Using photographs taken by New Horizons scientists have a theoretical confirmation by modeling climate variations of the dwarf planet. According to the findings of researchers, including Alan Stern, who heads the mission, there are about 900 000 years, “liquid could exist on Pluto.” By examining planets of this kind, the scientists intend to increase their knowledge. This discovery was made as a result of an obsession that has nourished the minds of researchers. Since October, they have witnessed the presence of rather strange forms.

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The different images have enabled the experts to confirm such an existence. Today, nitrogen is frozen, but an exploration may be interesting. They are convinced that liquid could be waiting for you under the ice crust. Therefore, it would be necessary to dig to a depth of kilometers to find liquid nitrogen. For now, everything is at the stage of suspicion, because not currently confirm this theory. However, one question remains: why this rumor she was so agitated internet? If there was talk of a joystick for Sony or Microsoft console, it would probably have had less impact. This buzz is due to two main reasons.

First, the NX is expected at the turn. Indeed, it is intended to replace the 3DS and Wii U, both of which are the least sold consoles Nintendo of their respective sectors. Although Nintendo accounts remain positive, because of the money raised for the Wii-DS period and ancillary revenues in recent years (amiibos, DLC, etc.), the success of the NX is very important to Nintendo. Indeed, the Kyoto Company has the heavy task of regaining the disappointed Wii U, to silence those predicting the death of the company, continue to retain its fans and trying to expand its audience. Four very different targets, in short, all of which have high expectations, but very diverse. This explains the expectation generated by this new console, but also the difficulty of the task of Nintendo.

Indeed, this is where the second reason: the joystick is for two generations, the heart of the Nintendo experience. With the Wii, the Japanese company has popularized a new way to play. If the Wii became the best-selling home console in the history of Nintendo, this new way of playing, however, disappointed many fans of the company, preferring a more traditional gameplay, the image of what the competition offers Sony and Microsoft. With Wii U, Nintendo attempted to reconcile the two worlds The gamepad makes it possible special gameplay to appeal to casual gamers, but also closer to traditional levers in terms of buttons and features. Except that neither public was convinced, causing the least-selling console of Nintendo history. For NX, all attention is focused on the joystick, because many fans are hoping for a return to a more classic controller.

But the false controller embodied all the opposite: it was much thought to smartphones, because of its touch screen, as usual levers. The response was so epidermal because this leak illustrated exactly what the players did not want to see … and so were feared (or hoped for some) a failure of NX.

It remains to hope that the NX she embarks with a simple controller but it also incorporates an original concept, able to differentiate it from the PS4 and Xbox One. The answer should come soon: Nintendo will unveil its annual report April 27 and take the opportunity to raise its outlook for the next fiscal year (April 2015-March 2016). If the NX out this year, April 27 is the ultimate gift for the present time.